Everything about CarrierNet Consultings

CarrierNet Consultings specializes in designing of carrier-class solutions for large MPLS inter-networks as well as small Carrier Ethernet MANs.

What we offer are the state of art design concepts used by the biggest players in the industry.

Designs like NGN, Hierarchical MPLS and Massively Scalable Data centers that allows your data plane and control plane to scale for decades to come while supporting a broad variety of current and future services.

CarrierNet Consultings

We specialize in designing of carrier class solutions for Service Providers’ networks. Majority of our customer base are Tier 2 and Tier 3 SPs with nation-wide backbones that are undertaking huge projects concerning core or data-center network architecture redesign in order to provide new portfolio of services.

This involves new hardware, new network infrastructure, new services and of course incorporation with legacy/production environment and the related migrations. Since these project are of highest complexity and usually involve new technologies customers tend to rely on our experiences and expertise in this matter.

We work closely with lead architects and network architecture departments to create and tailored network architecture, new services and migration strategies that best fit the customer’s current and future needs. We then work with IPOPS to ensure seamless incorporation of the solution with the legacy environment.

The full package includes HLDs, LLDs, POC testing, configuration templates, documentation of new services, migration and integration strategies and consultancy and advisory services during the full lifecycle of the project including the gradual introduction of new services.

Why us?

An unprecedented level of expertise / Unmatched expertise in carrier class routers’ architectures /

Best-in-class resources

What makes us unique?

An unprecedented level of expertise

As you can see we specialize on a very narrow segment of networking industry as we feel that one can be a true expert only in one discipline much like Michael Phelps is the fastest in pool but not on track. We shape and follow the latest developments in technologies related to SP backbones and DCI solutions by actively participating in several IETF working groups. We are experts on internal architecture of routers and we watch closely the development of router internal architectures by major SP kit vendors so that we can recommend equipment that will best suite customer’s needs. SP segment and networking in general is very dynamic nowadays with new technologies being introduced very rapidly so as you can see remaining on top of all this is very hard and we feel impossible if one wants to dedicate the same level of detail and attention to multiple segments of this dynamic industry.

Best-in-class resources

Since all services we offer can be done remotely it is then not required for our experts to be present in the central office or at a customer location and as a result we are able to get the best experts worldwide. Compared that to your local consulting company which can afford to attract experts only from a limited local area (local maximum) in such a model the more distant expert means more money to attract such a person which ultimately drives up the costs of solutions offered by competition (so worse case you may end up paying more for less expertise).

Unmatched expertise in carrier class routers’ architectures

We have an expert knowledge in how an ideal carrier class system architecture should look like and through our extensive discussions with system architects from Cisco and Juniper we gained exclusive insight into various architectures of their service-provider systems and we know pros and cons of each architecture and thus its suitability for a given project. Our expertise in this area allows us to ask the right questions during RFI/RFP process with a given vendor and this is not limited to Cisco or Juniper but extends to products of any vendor you might want to consider.

„When we say we are empowered by passion, we mean it. This is the way we have sticked with since the very first day of our business. We are proud of what we have done but also very keen for what can be done.“

How it works

Analyzing your current network and designing the solution

We work closely with CTO, lead architects and network architecture department to meet the current and future business plans of the company and to understand drivers behind the network upgrade in order to be able to propose a tailored network architecture that will meet customer’s requirements regarding current as well as future services to be offered using the new infrastructure.

Our utmost aim is to future proof all aspects of our network designs and make them as elastic and scalable as possible

Testing design concepts in the lab

We help customer to build the proof of concept (POC) lab where we can simulate and test all the aspects of the proposed network architecture and new services, that is to measure the performance and verify the behavior of the solution under various operational circumstances as well as to test the proposed integration strategies before the migrations are executed on live network.

Preparing the project documentation

HLD, LLD documents detailing all the parts of the new network design and services including particular configurations.

Configuration templates.

HLD and LLD documents detailing step-by-step migration/integration plans.

A good documentation is crucial for the success of the project. We often use HLD and LLD documents as study guides during training sessions for IPOPS. That’s why our documentation includes not only “what” but most importantly “why” so that the reader can understand and appreciate the decision to use a particular design or configuration option and thus gain a better understanding of the solution.

Educating IP-OPS teams

We educate IP operations teams on how to manage the new technology/solution and we remain the top tier advisor regarding any design or implementation related issues.

We organize training sessions and workshops to explain the new network design and new technologies used as well as how the new services operate so that IP-OPS are ready to support the new solution.

Executing the pilot migrations

We will be there with you at 3am in the morning executing the first migrations with IPOPS making sure we can immediately address all unforeseen issues.

Streamlining the migration procedures

Production is different than the LAB that’s why we take notes and feedback during the initial migrations and use the information to streamline the migration procedures so eventually IPOPS will be able to autonomously address all the issues using the migration documentation provided.

New products

We also take part in discussions with products department regarding incorporation of the new solutions and technologies into company’s standard product offerings.